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THE WEDDING [entries|friends|calendar]
Karen and Jeff's Wedding Planning

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Stuff [11 Aug 2006|09:37pm]

The Save the Dates are sitting nicely on my desk at work, waiting for 2 more measely addresses. If we don't get them by Monday, we're gonna send 'em out anyway. Our reward for getting that done will be looking at rings. That way we can have another goal for our joint account, since the honeymoon is taken care of.

My bridal portrait is scheduled for Aug 26, and I'm pretty excited to try everything on again, all together. I've got some tan lines to get rid of, and a few other minor beauty-related things to do, but I'm still excited!

We're about halfway done filling out the questionnaire for our officiant, but for some reason, my work computer and this computer don't want to talk to each other, so I can't get it to finish it. I guess that's another task for Monday.

Kath's wedding is in less than two months, and I'm really excited. I'm glad I get to see how a wedding works (all the behind the scenes stuff) before it's actually my turn. I went on a quest tonight to find shoes, and realized how hard it was. I should pretty much start finding ones for April NOW because it's going to take so long. Of course, it doesn't help that we're in stupid State College with the tiniest mall ever and less than a handful of shoe stores!

Anyway, I gotta get ready to go to Kath's shower in Ohio tomorrow, so that's all for now!
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Save the Dates [18 Jul 2006|11:27am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

We finished/assembled the Save the Dates on Sunday!

look here!Collapse )

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Stuff [30 Jun 2006|10:25am]

We designed and ordered our Save the Dates - they're scheduled to be delivered TODAY!  Next order of business is to figure out how many hotel rooms we'll need for Friday and Saturday nights, and have them officially blocked (anyone want to offer up any help with this one?).  Then, off to Delaware for an Save the Date assembly party - is everyone ready??? 

And finally, for entertainment, and because it's SO TRUE...

Well, with the exception of the small purple dot - I'm not worried about my family embarassing me (in fact, I hope my uncle DOES show up in his pimp suit!)
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One year left update [16 Apr 2006|09:10pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Unless you live in a cave, you've probably heard either/both of us exclaim that we officially have less than one year remaining!  So anyway, we went to Delaware to check out the foliage and potential picture spots and to take pictures of the hotel.  We definitely succeeded, and as you will see, should have some amazing pics! 

billions of pictures to follow, don't say you dial-uppers haven't been warned!Collapse )

We also looked at a thousand books on invitations, to actually SEE them, instead of just looking at pictures in catalogs. They all started looking the same after the billionth one, but Jeff stated an opinion and now our search has narrowed! Yay!

I think that’s all the wedding related business. Sooo, that’s all. In one year, we’ll be in the middle of the Caribbean!!

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Updates [07 Apr 2006|02:58pm]

We haven't been the best about updating this thing lately, so I figured I would post a little something in commemoration of today...which is the one year birthday of this wedding journal.

I know we are both several months behind in writing our "meet the bridal party" entries, but that can be remedied on my part IF Zack ever decides to send me a picture or two of himself. If not, I'll have to use a picture of his father and shave about 30 years off of it in photoshop. That might be interesting though.

Aaanyway, we're going to book our DJ pretty soon, and that'll take care of one more major aspect that has been left open. Now all we really have left is getting the officiant we want, and deciding what we want our cake to look like...since we already have the baker lined up through the reception site.

One other arduous task we're gonna have to do very soon involves compiling a list of addresses for both "save the date" cards and invitations. They say to be surprised about who will and will not come to your wedding, so we want to invite a lot of people just so we're sure we can make the minimum head count for the reception hall.

Next weekend we're going to be headed to DE for Easter weekend, and I think there are a few things we should do. First is going down to the Brandywine...from the Doubletree for time considerations...and see how the flowers look. Susan told Karen yesterday that there are a bunch of flowering trees that are bloomed out, so I'm hoping that'll also be the case next year because it'll make a beautiful backdrop for our pictures. Another thing we should do is go back to the Doubletree to once again get a feel for the ceremony room, and take measurements and whatnot. Every time we think about the ceremony, the room keeps getting narrower and narrower in our minds.

Well...I think that's about it for now. Hopefully we'll keep everyone updated on a more regular basis.
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Upcoming Stuff [27 Mar 2006|10:07am]

We're approaching the 1 year left mark!!!  I can't believe we've been engaged for almost a year - at times it seems like it was just yesterday, but most of the time it feels like it was sooo long ago!  I've been doing LOTS of "planning" - meaning gathering of ideas, and organizing what I already have.  My wedding binder is amazing :)  So anyway, this is a short-term to-do list:

-We need to get engagement pics taken so we can put announcements in the newspaper.  I've got the News Journal's form, so I'm leaving it up to Jeff to find out the requirements for his newspaper(s).  (Aren't I a nice bride, letting the groom help with planning? :-D)

-We're going to DE the weekend of the 14th, to check out what the scenery is like down by the Brandywine.  And I think I want to make the drive from the hotel to the river right around 4:30, to get an accurate idea of how long it takes.  I also want to check out what's in bloom at my house, to see if we can get pretty pre-pics somewhere.

-Save the Dates should be going out within the next few months, so we need to design that (I think I'll enlist some help on that one), and we also need to compile addresses.  I've heard we should be surprised both by who comes and who does not, so getting things out early is a good idea.  Included in the STDs (isn't that an awful abbreviation?!) should be hotel info, so we'll need to hop on getting the room block, so anyone wanting to make reservations can do so at the super special wedding price :)

-I also want to go back to the hotel and take pictures of the different rooms - ceremony room, reception room, and the special "getting ready" rooms.  I can't remember anything about how they look, and we need to start thinking about how we can decorate it.  Along those lines, we need to find out if we can 1) have candles and 2) decorate walls/ceilings.

-Sometime in the near future, we need to meet with a DJ, or at the very least, peep at a wedding they're doing. 

-Finally, we need to look into who will actually perform the ceremony.  I think we need lots of help in this area, so I want someone who can gives us lots of suggestions, but not force us to include anything we don't want. 

So, I think that's it :)
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Honeymoon [10 Feb 2006|10:29am]

[ mood | excited ]

Well, it's been decided! :-D

We're going on a 7 night Western Caribbean Cruise! It leaves from Miami the evening after our wedding. We'll be sailing on their new ship that hasn't even made its maiden voyage! I think I'm more excited about this!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

We leave from Miami, spend a day at sea, then go to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Hispaniola.  We spend another day at sea and then return to Miami. 

Pictures of the ship and our room.  Keep in mind that because it hasn't sailed yet, these aren't actual pictures, just artist renditions.  I'll definitely put more up when June comes!

 Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yesterday we looked at possible excursions - we are DEFINITELY doing the sting ray encounter in Grand Cayman, that's the only thing I'm insisting on right now :)  I'd also love to do a catamaran sail/snorkel thing (Jeff needs to experience the kind of boat I want to own - ha!)

We're soooo excited about this.  Our usual "you know what?  We're getting married!" banter has been replaced with "you know what?  We're going on a cruise!" 

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Meet the Wedding Party Part VI [09 Jan 2006|09:00pm]


Sorry, I'm late...i'm just tend to forget these things easily.  Anyway, here is the much-anticipated 6th installment of Meet the Wedding Party:

Meet Sac

Sac (AKA Gall, Bladder, Jeff, Dirmyer's husband), much like the rest of the wedding party, grew up in snowy Western New York.  He lived in Lancaster (Lan-Caster, not Lank-a-ster), and went to a private elementary school, where he probably ate paste while trying to pick up chicks during naptime.  He then went to a public high school....yes, he's ass backwards. 

Gall then pursued an Ivy League education at Cornell University.  It was here that he picked up an affinity for beer pong and flip cup.  Who knew how important these skillz would become in the upcoming years?

I met Gall when we both made the fateful decision to attend Penn State to pursue our graduate educations.  During our first year, he frequented Bella Sicilia, and was also a Subway slut, but he has since lost his affection for the fastest-growing fast food restaurant...mainly due to the smell that clings to you for days.  He now prefers spicey chicken sandwich combos from Wendy's, and the occasional burrito from Qdoba.

Sac also introduced me (and many more like myself) to the wonderful games of beer pong and flip cup.  As members of team sausage, we have won many games of flip cup against the horribly under-performing team box. 

In his spare time, Sac enjoys playing guitar, swimming at the b. tits, and hanging out with his Jew girlfriend in Hoboken, who he probably met while he was drunk downtown.  He is also a season ticket holder for the Buffalo Bills, which is admirable, since they suck so bad lately.  Fortunately, he saves on gas money because he has super powers.  That's right, he flies from State College to Buffalo during the weekend of home games dressed as his favorite superhero. 

As you can see, he also loves wearing navy blue nylons, while Tom Jones'in it.       

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[05 Jan 2006|12:39pm]

Will it rain on the big day? Let's check climatology!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Generally sunny and calm :)  Yay!
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Meet the Bridal Party Part V [03 Dec 2005|11:35am]

With everything going on last week, I am a day late in writing this!!!

Meet Keri

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is ksoqu. I call her that because that was her MWC given email address. Ksoqu hails from the middle of the bottom of Virginia, right by the Martinsville racetrack. As you can tell from the picture, she is part Mexican. Well, let's get this straight, once and for all. She's actually part Native American, but the tribe she is from is located in Mexico. So that doesn't really make her Mexican. Just like being born in Hawaii doesn't make her Hawaiian (her parents were in the military).

I met Keri on February 2, 2001. We became good friends, and she was one of the 3 who helped me love Buffy. We lived together my senior year, in quite possibly the most awesome room on campus. The first month we were there, we printed out movie posters and put them all around the perimeter of the room. We developed an affinity for American Idol, and she mocked me when I took notes on who I was going to vote for. We both agreed that Clay was the best, and were sad when he lost :( We frequently went to the mall, and fine dining establishments such as Bob Evans and the Waffle House. Those of you not from the south have never experienced the wonderfulness that is the Waffle House. It was our tradition to go there the day before a break. "Quarter plate on 2, make one with cheese." It was a crowning achievement when one of the waitresses finally recognized us! Ksoqu also really likes pie, but her Mexican accent makes it sound like "pah," and we enjoyed the frozen chocolate pah we bought occasionally at Wal-star-mart. 

We once took an awesome day trip to Baltimore.  We wanted to see the Lion King on IMAX, and that was the closest one, so we got up early and headed out.  My driving skills are lacking, so we almost died on the streets of B-more, but didn't, and walked around the Inner Harbor, and then to huge Barnes and Noble while she looked at history books, and then to the movie.  And we finished it off with some Hard Rock Cafe action.  It was quite a good day.  This is a fantastic time to mention how much Keri likes ketchup.  You may think you love it, but no, she loves it more than you.  :)

I also have to thank Keri for my love of Harry Potter.  I used to mock her for being obsessed with something so stupid (two copies of each book?  One to read and one to keep pristine?  Come on!).  But one day she decided she was going to read Harry Potter to me.  So every night, she would read a few chapters.  Before I knew it, I loved Harry.  So now we chat about our theories and count down the days until a new book or movie is released.  I think she and I are the only ones clinging so desprately to the good Snape theory :)

So anyway, I love ksoqu, and I can't image my wedding without her.  I hate that we never see each other any more though.  She came up to PSU to visit me a few times, but I've never made it down there.  Hopefully once all this grad school stuff is over with, I can get on that! 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And I know by doing this I am breaking the two picture tradition for each entry, but when browsing ksoqu pics on my computer (she has her own folder!) I found this too amazing to pass up!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Meet the Wedding Party Part IV [07 Nov 2005|01:41pm]

I'm clearly not doing my job as the groom, since I forgot to write this bio last Friday, but here's my installment!

Meet Scuba Steve

I met Scuba Steve when we were both undergrad meteorology majors at SUNY Oswego. We became friends because we were both crazy enough to befrind Misty in our first year physics class with a professor who looked like a geekier Mr Rogers. We both had about the same interests in meteorology, so we ended up taking most of the same classes throughout the next four years.

During our Junior year, we decided to cohabitate a very small, 6 bedroom house on Oneida St. This wasn't just any 6 bedroom house...it was a 6 bedroom house with ONE bathroom. Needless to say, that turned out to be an interesting year, lol. The following year, Scuba Steve, Erin and I decided to go get another place on W. 3rd St, which was a 3 bedroom place that had the world's most unnecessarily large bathroom. There were plans to put a foosball table in there, but that dream never came to fruition. In this apartment, several drunken parties were had...one of which should have killed me, but it didn't. Scuba Steve came to my room at 4 AM, and witnessed me hugging a waste basket, unable to keep my eyes open. After stating that I didn't look too good, he went back to the warmth and comfort of his bed. Good times...good times.

Finally it was time to apply to graduate school. We both wanted to go to SUNY Albany, and we were more than qualified to do so, but they rejected us. So we both ended up coming to Penn State together. Clearly Steve couldn't get enough of me. Do you really blame him? Of course you don't.

The beginning of grad school was summed up by Karen thinking that Steve and I were gay lovers, since we didn't really know anybody else yet, and I hate talking to new people. Once again, we took all the same classes, including numerical weather prediction and turbulence, because we didn't want to take crappy average padders (like climate or physical oceanography). Scuba Steve was the brains of the operation, and I reaped the benefits. Somehow Dave thinks I'm smart now, hahahahaha.

What's going to happen now? It's very possible that we could both be staying here to work for Penn State. Yes that's right...Scuba Steve doesn't ever want to leave me. He enjoys the comfort of my presence, and the knowledge that there's always going to be someone around who is a bigger slacker.

It is clear why I wanted Steve to be in the bridal party. We've been stuck together for so long now that it just wouldn't be right!! So yes...this is all. So to close...here's one more drunken picture.

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[26 Oct 2005|10:39pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I'm really only doing this because Jeff is reading Harry Potter (good boy!) and I'm bored.

Recap of last Friday:  The girls tried on the dresses and I think they're beautiful!  The colors are going to be amazing!  I decided to get the poufy thing under my dress, even though it's the most unattractive thing ever - it sits right under your boobs, how lovely!  My mom bought her MOB dress and it's beautiful also :)  So much getting done, I love it! 

Eric got the first sneak peak at the official website tonight.  It needs some work on the less fun aspects of it (ie. what to do in Delaware), so hopefully that will come shortly.  I also need to write the little wedding party snippets.  Eric suggested that everyone write their own, but we all know how I had to pull teeth to get pics from everyone, how am I going to get a short autobiography?  *ahem*  Anyway...

I saw on the local knot boards that Dana McDonald is a wedding DJ.  Or at least he does it on the side.  I totally want a WSTW dude to do our wedding!  Haha I've never heard him in action, but just the principle is cool.  He supposedly works for DJ Rich Buchanan, who I haven't read a bad thing about.  He seems like a good starting (maybe even ending) place for our DJ search.  Actually, now that I look, Dana is with these guys instead.  Clearly someone on the knot had the wrong info. 

Another task that I have to keep in the back of my mind is how to differentiate Kathryn from everyone else.  Clearly she'll be the only one that's the same height as me (heh), but does the MOH get bigger flowers or something?  All the little details that I need to figure out.  I have also recently learned that it's a good idea to make a "must take picture list" and let the photographer have it.  That way you get everything you want.  I want fun pictures.  Even the posed ones I want to be fun.  Like a cute group shot of the guys walking, or the groomsmen holding me horizontally.  Yes yes, thinking about all this makes me excited :)

Ok, I'm gonna go sit by the heater vent now!

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[21 Oct 2005|10:05am]

[ mood | cold ]

Tonight, we have another appointment at David's. Mandy and Alexandra are going to try on their dresses. I'm sure Kathryn and I will hop in on the action as well. It would be super awesome if they had little boy tuxes for Robert to prance around in, so he could be in on the fun too, but I'm pretty sure this is just a store of dresses :) Anyway, expect pictures to follow!

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Meet the Wedding Party, Part III [07 Oct 2005|12:24pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Meet Mandy

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mandy has been my best friend since High School, where we both suffered through Ursuline together.  She came in as a Freshman, whereas my friends and I had been there for a while.  The first day, as we were getting pictures taken, she got a hair thing caught in her braces, and this is how my group of friends started our relationship with her.  However, I didn't talk to her immediately after this amazing event.  Instead, I passed a note to a bored looking stranger next to me in the back row and BAM, we became friends.  We shared 2nd period A-day study halls together and spent our time making fun of the proctor for reading  her newspaper upside down and backwards.  We wrote "creative" stories in other study halls about sword fights and incestual foods and Suzy the mannequin.  We talked on the phone for hours and spent weekends terrorizing North Wilmington. 

Mandy is known for her horrible driving abilities and her ferocious giraffe tongue.  She is also referred to occasionally as "Smelly Cow," which stems from a field trip to Amish land where she was apparently obsessed with bovines.  The name has affectionately stuck, and one of my greatest triumphs was putting cow car seat covers in Mandy's car while she was completely unaware.  (Let us take a moment to remember the Ghetto Mobile.) 

Moment over.  After graduation, Mandy went to the University of Delaware to get a degree in Kids.  I missed her like crazy when I was in school, so I visited whenever I could and we ate Pringles.  She has had about a bajillion jobs, first working for UA with kids, then working with other kids and then working at Coldstone.  Mandy's ice cream flopping skillz are unprecedented. 

Humor aside, Mandy has always been there for me.  While we don't spend hours on the phone like we did in high school, the random one-line text messages make me smile and remind me what a great friend she is.  She understands my moods and definitely shares my sense of humor.  She's my twin from a past life - she just hit a wall on the way and got short!

As for her place in the wedding party, Mandy is excited to experince "the air up there" when she wears 12-inch platform shoes so that she is finally "on par" with me.  Ha, just kidding Mandy :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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More attire stuff [26 Sep 2005|02:17pm]

[ mood | busy ]

My dress has been acquired, meaning it's now at home.  I wonder if I'm allowed to put it on and "play wedding"? 

October 21 at 6pm is the next venture to David's.  We're going with the mother of our junior bridesmaid and hopefully Mandy if she gets back to me!  Hopefully also there will still be a sample of my dress that I can try on because you can never play dress-up too much.  I wonder if Kathryn's dress is in...

Still working on the wedding website.  You can't see it now because it's still way in progress, but it should be pretty cool.  I can't get the motivation to buckle down and do serious work with it.  ALSO I don't have good pictures of everyone ... if you don't get them to me, I'm using what I have! 

Ok, back to writing the Methods section of my thesis.

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Call for Pictures! [16 Sep 2005|07:10pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Attention Wedding Party! Your pictures of your beautiful (or handsome) mugs are needed! When I should be thesis-ing, I am instead making a webapge (a real one). I do indeed have pictures of all of you on my computer, but some of them are blurry or maybe you've threatened me in the past for wanting to use them. So send away! You can post them here, or email or im or whatever. This website is pretty and it will be prettier with all of you!

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Random Entry [09 Sep 2005|10:55am]

[ mood | calm ]

I was just reading through all of the entries that have been made in this journal, and I am really amazed about what has been done in only three month. I know there are going to be some trying times before the wedding, but I'm just so happy that everything has been going as smoothly as it has.

We picked our reception site almost immediately, and i'm excited to do the whole tasting thing...but I don't think that will happen until late '06. So I guess other than thinking about decorating the place, there isn't much more we have to do that's directly related to the hotel.

Karen bought her wedding dress, and it wasn't even one of those deals where she sorta liked one dress, and sorta liked another dress. She LOVED the one she picked (along with the matching bag and tiara/veil thingy), and from the pictures I've seen, it looks absolutely beautiful on her. I don't know if I'm going to see the actual dress before the wedding/pictures (or pictures/wedding...that's another thing we have to decide), but either way I'm happy. Now everytime I daydream about Karen walking down the aisle, I can picture her in her real dress. :-)

The bridesmaids dresses have also been picked out...and we're going with a colorful wedding now. None of that boring, one color stuff for us. :-) Now I have to decide what I want the guys to wear. There will definitely be a poll about that sometime soon. Kathryn is going to stand out from the rest of the bridesmaids (with a larger bouquet I think) so I also have to think of a way to make Eric stand out. There has been some discussion about letting him wear the kilt that he wants to wear...but I doubt it. :-) I want to have the classic black tux, with white or cream or ivory, or some other color like that for myself....but what do I do with the guys? They can't look like me, and it seems like it would be a little too girly to match all of the guys with their corresponding bridesmaid. I dunno...it's stuff to think about.

Like Karen just mentioned, the wedding rings are the next order of business, because they're something we can buy now and get it out of the way. I'm going to have a white gold ring, with shiney metal on the outside edges, and hammered matte-finish metal in the middle. We have to go back to the jewelers where I bought Karen's engagement ring to see about her wedding band. We talked with them before, and they called the company for us....they said that they were in production, and they were making a band that matches her ring perfectly...which is a tough task because of all the mill work. Hopefully that will be taken care of soon.

After we do that, what else can we think about right now? Invitations maybe? There's one that we got a sample of that is really nice, so we may go with that. I really don't want to look through too many more invitatino catalogs. We like the ones that are kinda unique...so they really have to catch our eye to even get a second thought. After you look through a hundred catalogs everything starts to look the same.

I guess one thing we could think about is photography. Karen needs to talk to her friend Susan a little more. I think it would be great if she could do it. I've seen pictures that she has taken of Karen in the past and I really like them. And I think if a friend is doing the photography, they're more likely to capture the moment better than someone who isn't familiar with the personalities of the people involved. Just my opinion....we'll see what we decide in the upcoming months.

Well, I have definitely rambled enough for now. I just wanted to catch everyone up on things if they didn't want to read through all of the old entries. We'll be keeping you posted!

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[07 Sep 2005|10:08pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This isn't wedding planning related per se, but I just wanted to say how much I love Jeff and how now I can imagine the wedding and it's feeling real. Yes, it's a long way away, and I can only imagine the burnout in the weeks after the big day, but I'm really excited. He's the best :)

Next OOB (order of business), wedding rings. I know which one I'm going to buy him, it's just a matter of actually buying it.

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[05 Sep 2005|09:37pm]

Saturday was my appointment at David's Bridal.  I expected to try on a few, get frustrated with how they looked on me, but walk out with a better idea of what works well.  Little did I know I would leave with THE DRESS purchased...

my commentary, with picturesCollapse )

x-posted to karentinks, karen_and_jeff, and weddingplans
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Meet the Wedding Party, Part II [02 Sep 2005|02:37pm]

Since it is the first Saturday of September, it is now my turn to start writing about the guys on my side. So heeeere we go.......

Meet the Best Man

This is Eric Szucs, and he has been my best friend since high school. We met because he was dating my other best friend in high school. One day, we were playing in the snow in Mel's (the girl he was dating) front yard. I didn't like how he was dating my best friend, so I decided to be a big punk. I don't know what came over me, but I ended up shoving snow in his face and rubbing his head in the ground. Ironically, that became a monumental moment in our friendship. Mel made me apologize, so I gave him a hand-written letter (which I think he still has) telling him that I was sorry. From that point on, we have been pretty inseparable....at least as inseparable as you can be when you don't go to college or work in the same place.

A little personal info on Eric....he is 25 years old, born November 15th, 1979, and currently resides at a fractional address in Arcade, NY. He is single, and he loves long walks on the beach with a girl in one hand, and a girly drink in the other. He works as a bid writer at Pioneer Credit Recovery, where he hopes to tell the management to piss off sometime soon.

In his free time, Eric likes to play one of his many guitars (he plays a bitchin Yellow Ledbetter), go garage-sale-ing, and cruise for hotties on the strip in his '05 Mustang. He also likes recording music with me...and together we are known as "Arm the Homeless." We have recorded one greatest hits album...so does that mean our career is already over????

Oh yeah...and we've also gotten him interested in the wonderful sport known as geocaching!

Eric's wedding duties include throwing me a bachelor party with strippers and lots of beer, as well as all of the normal best man things. And by the way, if you're coming to the wedding, prepare to hear one of the most wonderful best man toasts you've ever heard. He is the funniest, most sincere, and emotional guy I know, so he's going to have everyone laughing and crying at the same time...it'll definitely be a memorable experience.
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